The play's the thing !!!

And we want you to join us. 

Each of our productions requires many volunteers.  Do you have talents or skills that you can pitch in to make memorable theater for the Nehalem Valley?  Or do you want to learn theater arts?  Let us know where your interests lie and we'll keep you posted about opportunities to practice your craft, learn a new skill, and become part of our group.

Jobs Needed

Stage Manager:  Manage on-stage assistants and scene changes.  Manage back stage dressing rooms and actors.  Assist with actor entrances and exits.

On-Stage Assistant:  Move sets and props.  Assist with scene changes on stage.

Set Designer:  Design sets.  Coordinate volunteers for construction, painting and installation.

Set Builder/Painter:  Assist set designer in building, painting and placing sets.

Prop Designer/Manager:  Work with prop list to obtain or create props.  Use volunteers as needed.

Sound Design/Operation:  Design and program sounds and music.   Run sound and music during shows.

Lighting Design/Operation:  Design and program stage and house lights.  Run sound and music during show.

Program Designer:  Create Playbill and format into .pdf format for printing.  Work with printer.

Load In:  Help load sets, props and costumes into the theater.

Strike:  Help take down sets and props for storage.

Clean Up:  Make sure dressing rooms and theater are clean after performances.  Recycle programs and other debris where possible.

Make-up/Hair:  Assist actors with hair and make-up

Costume Designer/Manager:  Design costumes and make or buy necessary items.

Costume Assistant:  Work with Costume Designer to create and/or organize costumes.

Marketing and Promotion:  Develop and carry out marketing and promotion plan, including social media, radio, advertising and posters.  Create materials and work with volunteers to distribute materials and promote the event.

Fundraising:  Sell program ads and sponsorships.  Develop unique fundraising opportunities.

Ticket Sales:  Organize ticket sales, manage ticket taker volunteers.

Anything else?

Talk to us!  Send us your information and where you might want to be involved and we’ll be in touch.

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