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Riverbend Players proudly presents Four Weddings and an Elvis, a hilarious romantic comedy written by Nancy Frick.

We will cast seven men and four women for the play. There will be seven performances beginning November 3 through November 18, with rehearsals beginning in August.

Contact Director Jeff Slamal for an appointment to audition:

at  949-240-6668 or email him at

To audition, you’ll read from the script with a group of other fun people who will also be auditioning. No preparation is necessary and no pressure!

So, put on your Blue Suede Shoes, leave your Hound Dog at home, and if it’s not Too Much, Trouble, come out and audition because It's Now or Never.

Are You Lonesome Tonight? Or if you’re lonesome any other night, then Surrender to our call to audition. This will be a fun audition; no need to be All Shook Up, just bring your Good Luck Charm. We guarantee that you Can't Help Falling in Love with this play.

Character Descriptions – Four Weddings and an Elvis
Sandy:  Four-times-married-three-times-divorced Sandy is the owner of a wedding chapel in Las Vegas.
Wedding #1: The Payback
Bev:  Recently dumped, Bev is intent on a revenge marriage, but with the benefit of actually loving the man she is using to get even. Bev is angry, naïve, and romantic.
Stan:  Dumped by his wife, Stan is determined to marry the ex of the guy who got his gal. Still carrying a major torch for his former wife, revenge seems the right thing to do.
John:  The Elvis minister who works next door, John can play Elvis at the drop of a sequined hat, but he has a sensitive, non-cynical side.
Wedding #2: The Comeback
Vanessa:  A fading actor and older bride who saw her glory days in a beach-blanket-bongo, spy vs. spy sitcom. Vanessa is older now, but she has a well-kept glamour.
Bryce:  A fading actor and older groom who wants to capture his bygone days when surfing against the soviets was his life, Bryce is one-time pretty boy who is still a very well-groomed groom-to-be.
Lou:  A senior citizen and minister, Lou is a bit off in some ways, but he watches well and has a faint remnant of when he was once an Elvis to be reckoned with.
Wedding #3: The Real Thing
Fiona:  Fiona, is a tough ex-con who never got a chance to make life work. She had a bad home life, made poor choices in friends, even worse choice in boyfriends, and is now recently paroled and united with her postal-worker pen pal love.
Marvin:  The groom is a gentle postal-worker as well-versed in zip codes as he is in scriptures. Marvin knows to look on the inside and past the tattoos for an eternal companion.
Fist:  The scary friend of the bride: Obey the fist. Fist is a Cro-Magnon felon who punches first and thinks fourth or fifth…or maybe sixth.
All characters reappear in the epilogue, except Stan. 
Ken:  Ken, the producer, is the actor who played Stan. Ken makes a brief appearance in the Epilogue.

Show Dates:

Tech Rehearsals - 10/19 - 11/1 (Stage set on 10/19)
Performance weekend - November 3 and 4
Performance weekend - November 9 through 11
Performance weekend - November 16 through 18

(Actual dates within the three-week window subject to change by the director)

Go to for more information about Four Weddings and an Elvis and other upcoming plays, including performances of Love Letters, a play by A.R. Gurney and directed by Mike Arseneault with performances at NCRD July 6th through the 21st.

Riverbend Players is a not-for-profit 501c3 production company and does not pay its performers. Riverbend Players is committed to objective casting and does not consider factors of race, gender, age or ethnicity in casting except when such factors are required by the playwright. 

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