President's Note: August, 2018

To our patrons, sponsors and artists,

We've had an amazing year along with the usual hiccups.  We are small but dedicated to the theater arts and we continue to bring the Nehalem valley quality productions that feed the heart and soul.   Here are some of the highlights. 

Born Yesterday by Garson Kanin was delivered by a stellar cast and supported by a great crew last February and March. This play  really exercised the talent around here and their efforts really paid off. 

Also in March we were awarded $3800 grant from Manzanita's TLT granting pool.  We'll use the funds to devise better ways of marketing to our out-of-town patrons in the Portland, Salem and cities in Washington that we'd like to serve. 

The B-Side, with Kate Morrison performed for a Riverbend Players benefit in May where we raised over $1500 for our troupe.  Much thanks to Kate for a terrific show and to Mike Sims for emceeing.

In July, Mike Arseneault directed Love Letters by A.R. Gurney to great summer theater goers.  We had three couples over three weekends perform, each with their own interpretation of this great broadway play. 

Also in July, the Riverbend Players saw the exit of two board members whose contribution has been amazing, from directing artists and directors,  to set building and working with our community on recruiting.  Sedona Torres and Mike Sims left a legacy and they were celebrated at a dinner in their honor.  Thank you so much, Sedona and Mike.

We have new officers on the board.  Mary Marken is our Marketing head and Linda Peterson is our new Artistic Director.   We look forward to bringing them up to speed.  By board vote, the following officer positions were filled:  Tom Cocklin, President, Jeff Slamal, Vice President, Tom Mock, Treasurer, Linda Makohon, Secretary.  We have more work to do and I couldn't ask for a better group to do it all with. 

Next up, Jeff Slamal is directing Four Weddings and an Elvis by Nancy Frick.  We have all but cast this one but if you have interest in helping, please write Jeff at

Thank you for all your hard work in the past.  We'll have the rest of the  2019 calendar filled with  productions to audition for or to come see very soon. 

Regards,   Tom